Dear 2020,

You were a year to remember, a year of unexpected changes. Though it was a rough one for everybody I should thank you for all the highs and lows that molded me even more than the year before. From graduating during a global pandemic, to a heartbreak that still aches me to this day. To a great start doing what I love and moving to another state in an effort to chase my dreams, to having to miss holidays with family members during this time. You were not a perfect year and that’s okay because without everything that happened this year I wouldn’t feel as full of joy and optimism for what comes next. My New Years resolution won’t entail a hope of getting to the gym more or trying to be better about keeping my car clean, cause that’s damn near impossible, but I will make a resolution to allow myself to grow and to heal because it’s not something I can force but I merely have to let it happen. So thank you 2020 for everything and most definitely thank you to all my friends, family, and loved ones for supporting me every way it’s what keeps me want to create more and more

Time Is Now

For this article my former professor,now colleague, approached me about creating an illustration for an article he had been working on. The article talked about and focused on the importances of taking advantage of down time during the COVID-19 pandemic as an artist to push your craft even further. You can go check out this article in the link below!

Garden Spot Village Medallion and T shirt Design

Originally a concept of an updated hex sign that better represented Lancaster PA, turned into a 1st place winner for a competition against fellow classmates. Garden Spot Village is a local retirement home that holds an annual marathon race every year and gave the senior illustrators the task of designing their t shirts and medallions for the 2020 race. With the theme of this race being “Lancaster Heritage” I took to this piece to create something that could represent Lancaster Pa in a more modern way. Using my illustration style to show aspects personal to Lancaster like horse and buggies, red roses, and corn. I also took the opportunity to implement color coordination to make a design that could easily be screen printed for future t-shirts and that also gave a cleaner feel overall. This was a great opportunity and was able to get a few t shirts and medallions for myself see those down below along with some other fun images!

Dilla Delights

Here is an illustration that I worked on during my last year of college with a classmate of mine and graphic designer Kevin Foss. His thesis was an entire magazine named Supervillain Magazine that focused on Hip-Hop legends; this of course made a perfect set up for a collaboration. The story takes on the late great beat maker J Dilla, with a look at his love for music and donuts.

Kevin Foss –