Let’s Hear It For Fans: Sports Need Them ( New York Times )

This article was an exciting one for me as it was my first big newspaper job! The article was an interesting one talking about sports during the pandemic missing the crowds and how much that effects the pleasure of watching it on television. The crowd is more than ticket sales and hot dogs in the stands but also an integral part of the experience of sports. I was so satisfied with the way this one came out for sure and I cant wait to see what my next project will be!

Time Is Now

For this article my former professor,now colleague, approached me about creating an illustration for an article he had been working on. The article talked about and focused on the importances of taking advantage of down time during the COVID-19 pandemic as an artist to push your craft even further. You can go check out this article in the link below!


Dilla Delights

Here is an illustration that I worked on during my last year of college with a classmate of mine and graphic designer Kevin Foss. His thesis was an entire magazine named Supervillain Magazine that focused on Hip-Hop legends; this of course made a perfect set up for a collaboration. The story takes on the late great beat maker J Dilla, with a look at his love for music and donuts.

Kevin Foss – http://www.kevnfoss.com